Aircraft Diamond DA42


Modification DA-42 DA-42
Wingspan 13.42 m 44.03 ft
Length 8.56 m 28.08 ft
Height 2.49 m 8.17 ft
Wing Area 16.29 sq. m. 16.29 sq. m.
Empty weight 1,251.00 kg 2,757.98 lbs
Maximum Takeoff Weight 1,700.00 kg 3,747.85 pounds
Engine Type 2 DD Thielert Centurion 2 DD Thielert Centurion
Power 2.00 hp 2.00 hp
max. speed 356.00 km / h 192.22 knot TAS
Cruising Speed ​​ 310.00 km / h 167.39 knot TAS
Climbing 390.00 meters per minute 390.00 meters per minute
Practical Range 1,693.00 Km 1,052.03 miles
Practical ceiling 5,486.00 m 17,998.69 ft
Crew 1 1
Passengers 3 3


As the company representatives say this aircraft is the safest in the world.

DA50 Super Star uses the power units up to 350 hp (horse power), and is equipped with both gasoline and diesel engines. The new aircraft will be five-seater and Diamond promises that it will be the most spacious among the new generation of single-engine aircraft in general aviation (GA).

The Diamond DA50 Super Star is powered by the Teledyne Continental TSIOF-550J engine.

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