Aviation center "Rotor Ukraine" was established on the initiative of people in love with the sky, who want to contribute to the development of small aircraft and expanding its use in the public interest and personal needs of citizens.
About company About company

About company

  • Rotor Ukraine is the largest official dealer of
    Diamond Aircraft и Enstrom Helicopter in Ukraine,
    certified by the aviation and training center for pilots and engineers
  • It is the only company in Ukraine offering air taxi services, performing aviation monitoring and aviation chemical operations.
  • Rotor Ukraine is an official technical center performing warranty and post-warranty handling of Diamond Aircraft, and Enstrom and Robinson helicopters
  • From 2013, Rotor is authorized to perform, maintain and prolong air worthiness of aviation equipment
  • Our company is validated in Slovenia, Japan, Russia and Belarus, and is one of the largest market players assisting in selection of new or resource aviation equipment Diamond Aircraft and Enstrom Helicopter

Sale of aircraft

Sale of aircraft
Our company is validated in Slovenia, Japan, Russia, Belarus, and being one of the largest market participants, which will help you choose a new resource or airplanes Diamond Aircraft and Enstrom Helicopter.

Flight School Rotor

Flight School Rotor
Specialists from Rotor Ukraine have higher aviation education, undergo retraining at aviation equipment production plants, and are accredited by the State Aviation Administration of Ukraine.

Service maintenance

Service maintenance
Part-М is certified by Diamond, Enstrom, Robinson, Astroengine, Centurion, Lycoming, Garmin. Rotor Ukraine mat offer a complete range of services on repair of helicopters.

Air taxi

Air taxi
Everyone is able to find out what light aviation is thanks to air taxi services. Air taxi is an alternative to standard transport means, and has several advantages. Passengers wishing to receive maximally comfortable and convenient services are offered VIP terminal.

Aviation monitoring

Aviation monitoring
Monitoring operations are performed using modern aircrafts and the newest navigation and precise positioning means. Our company performs monitoring of Ukrainian roads, specific areas and engineering constructions. Monitoring of foundation and construction facilities settlement processes in construction and operation of bridges, tunnels etc.

Aviation chemical operations

Aviation chemical operations
Aircrafts of Rotor Ukraine are equipped with special equipment for accurate and efficient spraying of chemical agents. They are also characterized by the availability of highly technological satellite navigation equipment, simple and safe operation.

Advantages of Rotor

  1. We are official distributor of Diamond Aircraft, Enstrom Helicopter
  2. Approved to renew the airworthiness
  3. We offer certified training PPL/CPL levels pilots and technical staff
  1. Flight internship at the international airport at night and daytime
  2. Provides the ability to online learning
  3. The official technical center for warranty and post-warranty repair

Happy customers

Happy customers


  • Certificate PART-147
  • Certificate FTO
  • ITS PART-147 Certificate
  • Bilialiev Petro MSATS 2008
  • Demennikov Sergiy MSATS 2008
  • Raevsky Viktor MSATS 2008
  • Valeriy Gromov Helicopter Enstrom 2009
  • Valeriy Gromov Enstrom 2009
  • Enstrom Rotor Ukraine LLS 2009
  • Enstrom Rotor Ukraine LLS
  • Robinson Authorized Service Center
  • Diamond Authorized distributor
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