Helicopter Enstrom 480B


Country of manufacture USA USA
Destination passenger passenger
Crew 1 1
Passengers 4 4
max. speed 234.00 km / h 126.35 knot TAS
Climbing 7.00 meters per minute 7.00 meters per minute
Flight Range 657.00 Km 408.26 miles
Flight Duration 4.70 hour 4.70 hour
max. working height 4,000.00 m 13 123.36 ft
Payload 300.00 kg 661.39 lbs
max. Take-off weight 1,280.00 kg 2 821.91 pounds
Fuel Capacity (Standard / Extended Capacity Tank) 666.00 L 175.94 am. gall
Fuel Consumption 61.00 l / h 306.28 am. gall / h


If you need a small helicopter with a high degree of safety, level of comfort, as well as reasonably priced in service and extremely easy to operate - then this is the Enstrom 480B helicopter.

Enstrom 480B is a light multi-purpose single-engine gas turbine helicopter, designed by the American company Enstrom Helicopter Corporation. The entire kinematics of the helicopter is developed taking into account strict safety requirements: the engine and gearbox are mounted behind the cabin below the floor level, therefore, in case of rough landing, the crew and passengers will not be affected by heavy components and assemblies. Enstrom 480B helicopters are impressive in their ability to steadily auto-rotate from any height, even with a complete failure of the tail rotor. As a whole, this ensures high flight safety, therefore this type of helicopter deserves to be classified as “A” class for aviation security.

Superbly-designed main rotor hub: the actuating rods are inside the forged titanium shaft, which provides them with reliable protection. During the operation of the Enstrom 480 there was not a single failure due to bushings breakdown.

The cabin is spacious - you can walk in it slightly bending down. With high density configuration, the helicopter is quite comfortable even for 5 people. The cabin has several configuration options. The adjustments are extremely comfortable: the seats and pedals move. A wide view from the cab, instruments and control levers are conveniently placed.

With a low fuel consumption, with a flight range of more than 500 km, Enstrom 480B is very comfortable for piloting on long flights along the route. The helicopter is refueled with kerosene, which in turn gives you the opportunity to find fuel at almost any airport or local airport in the area of your flight. The minimum noise level is achieved by shifting the engine and gearbox from the cab. The use of hydraulic dampers in a carrier system ensures the absence of vibrations.

The helicopter is designed for long-term autonomous basing and has extremely simple maintenance. It’s very easy to operate it. Enstrom 480B forgives piloting blunders during initial training. In addition, the design of the machine allows to repair it in the field.

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