Aircraft Diamond DA62


Weight 2,300 kg 2,300 kg
Length 9.19 m 30.2 ft
Height 2.82 m 9.2 ft
Wingspan 14.5 m 47.7 ft
Seats 7 7
Download *) 710 kg 1,565 pounds
Max. take-off weight 2,300 kg 5.071 pounds
Engine AE 330 x2 180 hp each AE 330 x2 180 hp each
Fuel capacity (standard / extended capacity tank) total 326 l main tank 189 l auxiliary tank 137 L total 326 l main tank 189 l auxiliary tank 137 L
Fuel varieties Jet A-1 Jet A-1
Consumption at 60% (12,000 ft) 44.7 l / h (all together) 11.8 US gall / hour (all together)
Max speed (14,000 ft, MCP) 352 km / h TAS 190 TAS nodes

Max Speed ​​with standard configuration⟩


372 km / h TAS 201 TAS nodes
Max. working height 6.069 m 20,000 ft
Max. range 2,376 km 1.283 nm


Stylish design, high technology and large capacity.

Diamond DA62 airplane can be described as a luxurious flying SUV. This model has a spacious interior with comfortable seats, expressive design, low fuel consumption and many other useful features.

The DA62 represents the pinnacle of development of the Diamond piston aircraft line, which includes many years of experience in certified composite aircraft design, safety, jet fuel propulsion, and advanced avionics integration.

Performance, stability, controllability and ease of operation of DA62 will please the all pilots, even when flying in inclement weather.

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