Diamond Flight Simulator

Rotor Flight School offers a Diamond Simulator for pilot training. It is more convenient for both instructors and students to complete flight training on such a simulator, since it allows to master the skills of behavior in extreme situations in any weather conditions.

The simulator is equipped with on-board radio electronics, identical to that installed on real Diamond aircraft. Along with this, the simulators also have high-precision visual equipment and a modern workstation for instructor pilots.

All these factors increase the reliability, safety and efficiency of the simulator during operation, as well as the effectiveness of training in general. It is important to note that the simulator is environmentally friendly.

A private pilot can carry passengers, provided that he does it for free (not commercial activity).

If you have a PPL (private pilot licence), you will have the right to continue training in more specialized programs to obtain licences for the next levels - commercial pilot, line pilot, instructor.

Admission requirements:

Age - from 16 and older;
Education - secondary and higher;
Knowledge of English - secondary school level (B1/B2);
Health - Class 2 medical certificate as required by Part-MED.

Theoretical training of ROTOR UKRAINE LLC:

Air Law;
Design and operation of the aircraft (Aircraft General Knowledge);
Human factor (Human Performance and Limitations);
Technical characteristics and flight planning (Flight Performance and Planning);
Conducting radio communications (Communication);
Aerodynamics (Principles of Flight);
Operational Procedures.

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Why study with us!

The only Diamond Aircraft flight simulator in Ukraine

The flight simulator accurately reproduces the nuances of an aircraft handling in real flight conditions. Testing competence and skills on a flight simulator.

Top Realism

The simulator accurately reproduces the nuances of controlling an aircraft in the real flight conditions.

Simulation of different flight conditions

Practicing flights in all-weather day and night conditions, as well as actions in abnormal situations during flight.

Takeoff and landing

Possibility of take-off and landing at all airports of the world.


Diamond's GLOBAL CANVAS visualization system gives you the opportunity to experience the flight realistically.

Garmin G1000 NXi

Приборная панель оснащена комплектом авионики Garmin G1000 NXi, что позволяет вам тренироваться в абсолютно реалистичной обстановке.

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