Helicopter Enstrom F-28 Falcon


Main screw diameter 9.75 m 29.52 feet
Tail rotor diameter 1.42 m 3,28084 feet
Length 8.92 m 26.24672 feet
Height 2.79 m 6.56168 feet
Mass (empty) 712 kg 1,569.69 ft
Weight (maximum take-off) 1179 kg 2599.25 pounds
Domestic fuels 159 L + optional 49 L 42.0034 gal + optional 12.9444 gal
Engine Type 1 PD Textron Lycoming HIO-360-F1AD 1 PD Textron Lycoming HIO-360-F1AD
Power, kW 1 x 168 1 x 168
Maximum Speed ​​ 180 km / h 111.847 mph
Cruising Speed ​​ 165 km / h 102.52 mph
Range 423 km 262.84 miles
Flight Duration 3 h 30 min 3 h 30 min
Climbing 442 m / min 1,450.13 ft / min
Practical ceiling 3660 m 12,007.87 feet
Static ceiling 2345 m 7693.57 feet
Crew 1 person 1 person
Payload: 2 passengers 2 passengers


Each Enstrom helicopter can be designed with a wide range of additional options: from colorful drawings and interior design in a specific style to the special aviation electronics, outdoor floodlights, cameras and any other equipment.

It is easy to combine advanced technologies, amazing design and exceptional comfort with Enstrom. The spacious cabins of the F28F and 280FX models make it possible to carry an additional passenger, additional instruments or tools necessary for the work performance.

A spacious open landing area without any columns, racks or partitions facilitates movement and does not limit the view. Adjustable pedals, ample legroom and distance from the seat cushion to the ceiling mean that the helicopter adjusts to the pilot, and not vice versa. A huge cabin, NASA-inspired foam seat, plenty of windows and low noise levels ensure maximum passenger comfort.

However, it’s nice not only to sit, but also to fly in Enstrom helicopters. Direct, unforced control gives a feeling of reliability and, at the same time, control sensitivity. The legendary softness and stability of Enstrom helicopters flight along with standard electronics settings enable the pilot to control the helicopter all day and not feel tired. Replaceable controls, standard inertial seat belts and features such as removable doors make the F28F and 280FX practical and comfortable for any task in any environment.

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