Helicopter Enstrom 280FX


max. Take-off weight 2,600 pounds 1,179 kg
Empty Helicopter Weight (Standard Equipment) 1,670 pounds 757 kg
Payload 930 pounds 422 kg
2 interconnected tanks 40 gal 151 L


  2,350 pounds 2,600 pounds
Unbeatable Speed ​​ 102 knots / 117 mph 74 knots / 85 mph
Cruising Speed ​​(TAS @ 3000 ft.) 100 knots / 115 miles 75 knots / 87 miles
Practical ceiling 12,000 ft / 3,658 m 9,000 ft / 2,743 m
Maximum Climb Speed ​​@ SL 1,450 rpm / 7.4 m / s 1,150 rpm / 5.8 m / s
Ceiling of the free flight (taking into account the influence of the earth) 13,200 ft / 4,023 m 7,700 ft / 2,347 m
Ceiling of the coast (outside the zone of influence of the earth) 8700 ft / 2652 m N / A
Range and Stamina (No Reserve) (Maximum Range @ 3,000 ft.) 229 nautical miles / 424 km N / A
Range and Stamina (No Reserve) (Maximum Range @ 3,000 ft.) 3.5 hours N / A


A brilliant modern helicopter designed for a pilot who wants to fly fast and look his absolute best. It is efficient, functional and at the same time gives you complete pleasure from flying.

Enstrom easily combines cutting-edge technology, stunning design and exceptional comfort. The spacious cabins of F28F and 280FX models make it possible to transport additional equipment and tools necessary for work.

A spacious open landing area without any columns, pillars or walls facilitates movement and does not limit the view. Adjustable pedals, ample legroom and distance from the seat cushion to the ceiling are those features that the helicopter pilot regulates, and not vice versa. A huge cabin, NASA-inspired seat foam, many windows and low noise levels provide the highest level of passenger comfort.

Nevertheless, the Enstrom helicopter is pleasant not only to sit, but also to fly. Direct, unforced control gives a sense of reliability and, at the same time, control sensitivity. The legendary softness and stability of the flight of Enstrom helicopters with standard electronics settings enable the pilot to control the helicopter all day and not feel tired. Interchangeability of controls, standard inertial seat belts and such features as removable doors make F28F and 280FX practical and convenient for any task in any environment.

Each Enstrom helicopter can be constructed with a wide range of options from colorful graphics and interior design in a specific style to the installation of special aviation electronics, outdoor searchlights, cameras and any other equipment necessary for work.

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