Aircraft Diamond DA40


Length 8.06 m 26.5 ft
Height 1.97 m 6.6 ft
Wingspan 11.63 m 38.2 ft
Number of Seats 4 4
Empty weight *) 880 kg 1.940 lbs
max. Runway 1,280 kg 1,822 lbs
Payload *) 400 kg 882 pounds
Fuel Capacity (Standard / Extended Capacity Tank) 106 L / 147 L 28 am gall / 39 am gall
Consumption at 60% 19.7 l / h 5.2 am gall / h
Max speed </ span> 265 km / h TAS 143 knots / h TAS
max. working height 5,000 m 16,404 ft


Diamond DA-40 - a light-engine single-engine aircraft designed for those who value their time and image; as well as for those who are in love with the sky.

A stunning view. Rugged construction. Awesome performance. Incredible safety performance. Here are a few of the many features that demonstrate why the DA-40TDI is one of the company's best-selling models. Ask the owner what he likes about this plane, he will answer: “That's it.”

The DA-40 is designed to be the number one choice for picky pilots. It's really easy to fall in love with it. Sit in a new cab and be amazed at the incredible visibility. Install advanced Garmin G1000 instrument flight capabilities and enjoy the sky. Get to the business meeting faster, take your family to the place of vacation. Enjoy the understanding that you have bought the best you can find in this market. Who said that owning an airplane involves sheer compromises?

After 50 hours of flight, pilots will believe in the aircraft, taking into account industry-leading DA-40 safety indicators, as well as safety approaches that underlie such indicators - active safety to prevent accidents - for example: soft handling at low speeds , short take-off and landing distances, excellent visibility and avionics, providing improved orientation in the situation and a fault-tolerant design. Passive safety to reduce the possibility of personal injury in case of an accident includes: aluminum fuel elements protected between two carbon fiber struts to prevent fires after an impact; 26G cabin with protected safety cells for passengers; as well as many additional safety features, such as airbags, seat belts, 406 MHz emergency beacon.

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