Valentin Danichev

I think that this is the best flight school, the main qualities: understanding with an experienced teacher, excellent support from the organizational side and a smile at a meeting, thank you very much!)))

Mark Muravyov

The best helicopters and planes! I flew with my parents, I liked everything very much! very friendly pilots! I’ll learn to fly here when I graduate from university ... or maybe I’ll become an engineer!

Konstantin Golovin

A dedicated team of craftsmen dedicated to heaven!

Victor Vinogradov

The best in their field

Anna Anna

The bird's-eye walk was magnificent! A lot of emotions, especially when you are trusted to fly an airplane, adrenaline rolls over

Alexander Buts

Professionals in their field! Great team of teachers. Very kind and helpful staff!

Alina Skorokhodova

Great planes, ASA instructors! And you can just increase the level of aviation English in the group! The best in the sky!

Egor Kletsov

Alexander Alekseev

Professionalism, experience, love for your job!

Anna Iskenderova

The best !!!!

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