Aviation center "Rotor Ukraine" was established on the initiative of people in love with the sky, who want to contribute to the development of small aircraft and expanding its use in the public interest and personal needs of citizens.
Enstrom Helicopter Corporation

Production of the company

Enstrom Helicopter Corporation

Enstrom Helicopter Corporation is a company performing activities in design, manufacture and servicing of light helicopters with piston or turbine engine.

The company was founded in 1959, and has certified its first aircraft, F-28, in 1965. Today, helicopters with piston engines 280FX and F28-F manufactured by Enstrom are the only helicopters in the world supplied with turbocharger.

Enstrom produces 90% of all the necessary components in our own factory. Thus, Enstrom has unlimited ability to service its products in the supply of spare parts.

Enstrom 480B

If you need a small helicopter with a high degree of safety, comfort, and are not expensive to operate and extremely easy to operate - it is a helicopter Enstrom 480B.

Enstrom 280FX

Shiny modern helicopter designed for pilots who want to fly fast and look at this one hundred percent. Efficient, functional and leaves you with the full enjoyment of the flight.

Enstrom F-28 Falcon

Each helicopter "Enstrom" can be constructed with a wide range of options; by colorful graphics and interior design in a particular style to a special aviation electronics, outdoor floodlights, cameras and any other equipment
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