Aviation center "Rotor Ukraine" was established on the initiative of people in love with the sky, who want to contribute to the development of small aircraft and expanding its use in the public interest and personal needs of citizens.
Diamond Aircraft Industries

Production of the company

Diamond Aircraft Industries

Diamond Aircraft Industries - Austrian company that manufactures aircraft made of composite material and offers its products worldwide.

Diamond produces by far the most reliable and efficient in operation, and one twin-engine aircraft with piston engine. Aircraft designed for flight schools, private persons and public authorities.

Diamond Aircraft DA-20

Small plane - impressive appearance! We represent the smallest two-seater Diamond Aircraft DA-20 family.

Diamond DA40

Diamond DA-40 - small-engine single-engine aircraft, designed for those who value their time and image; and all, love the sky.

Diamond DA42

Diamond DA-42 NG - of light-twin-engine aircraft, designed specifically for the company customers in life which are of paramount importance in safety and comfort with the assistance of advanced technologies.

Diamond DA50

According to the company, the plane is the safest in the world.

Diamond DA50-V

A spacious cabin and business class comfort

Diamond DA62

Stylish design, high technology and great spaciousness

Diamond D-JET

The aircraft has some of the best features, such as security and cost of operation.

Diamond DART-450

Double airplane from carbon

Diamond DA62-MPP

A large aircraft with the latest technology
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