Aviation center "Rotor Ukraine" was established on the initiative of people in love with the sky, who want to contribute to the development of small aircraft and expanding its use in the public interest and personal needs of citizens.

Flight simulator Diamond

Be prepared for reality as it is!

The flying school Rotor offers the simulator Diamond for pilot training. It is easier for both instructors and learners to complete flight training just on this simulator because it gives an opportunity to master behavioral skills in extreme situations in any weather conditions. The avionics installed in the simulator is identical to ones that are installed in the real Diamond airplanes. Along with that there is the precision-guided visual equipment and modern workstation for instructor pilots. All these factors improve reliability, safety and efficiency of the simulator while in operation and training as a whole. It is important to note that the simulator is eco-friendly.



  • 1 The workspace of an instructor pilot

    The training flight simulator FSTD is fitted out with the IOS cabin  including displays with 19” inches touch panels and a laser printer. The IOS cabin is closed on every side and has the pocket door from backside. There is a table and bookshelves to the right (in the standard design) or to the left , also there is  ceiling light with tunable brightness.

    We recommend to buy the workstation (FIWS) for an instructor pilot. It is the small-size table that is situated behind the cockpit crew seats. It makes possible for an instructor to be directly behind the pilots having the full view of a cabin and control the flight imitation process. The workstation is fitted out with touch panels on stiff arm assemblies and sliding keyboard.

    The IOS software

    The packaged software IOS gives an instructor pilot the same opportunities as a full flight simulator, i.e. there are no icons and you don't need to click. Instead of this there is the system with touch screen that has a user-friendly logically established system of pages.

  • 2 The visual system

    The image-forming apparatus

    The training flight simulator Diamond FSTD comes with the image-forming apparatus GLOBAL CANVAS (IG). The standard resolution of a satellite picture is 15 m/pixel. The image-forming apparatus can show the surface texture with the 5 cm/pixel resolution.

    The apparatus shows two cloud layers and realistic heap clouds. It also shows such weather activity as wind (oscillation of a pants-leg), rain, snow shower, lightning. The basic chart includes the worldwide coverage of the satellite picture (resolution: 15 m) and the worldwide standard view of hard surface aerodromes.

    The image-forming apparatus has the standard models of all the aerodromes with the instrument flight rules (IFR) (chart Jeppesen ARINC 424). We can offer another custom models of aerodromes.

    The display

    We can offer following display designs:

    Circular screen 200°x35°

    Spherical screen 220°x45°

  • 3 The optional equipment


    The conversion package for DA42 and DA40 All the dashboard is interchangeable in different configurations and the automatic apparatus detection system will download the corresponding simulation software.
    The configuration can be changed in 15 minutes.
    The IR training on the single-engine and two-engine airplanes is welcome by most national aeronautic agencies.
    The workstation of an instructor pilot for the IOS cabin. It has two displays with touch panels on stiff arm assemblies and sliding keyboard.

    Uninterrupted power protects the training flight simulator FSTD in case of power surge and allows running an emergency switching of the system in case of the ongoing power cut.
    DSIM-DE-ICE (only on the DA42)
    The anti-icing system TKS of the DA42 airplanes is fully tailored to the simulator and includes the original panel for icing rectification and system modeling.
    The original system Garmin GFC 700 integrated into MFD or the copy of Bendix King KAP140.
    An aural warning and all the operation modes are modeled.
    It is possible to manufacture custom models of aerodromes. This includes the high-resolution satellite pictures and accurate representation of airport buildings. The price depends on the airport dimensions and detail levels. The price depends on the airport dimensions and detail levels.
    Create an individual flight model and check the results according to different parameters on the simulator using Matlab/Simulink (user-supplied).




The highest safety indices, high reliability and superior specifications, perfect controllability at slow speeds, excellent airworthiness, great view from the pilot cabin, reliable and modern cabin – all that gives a possibility to handle DA40 effortlessly and makes it an ideal airplane for aeronautics studying.


The specifications

The minimum necessary space

6 m x 5,5 m x 3 m

19,68 ft x 18,04 ft x 9,84 ft
The dimensions of the simulator 2 m x 1,20 m x 1,65 m 6,54 ft x 3,93 ft x 5,41 ft


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