Aviation center "Rotor Ukraine" was established on the initiative of people in love with the sky, who want to contribute to the development of small aircraft and expanding its use in the public interest and personal needs of citizens.
Aviation chemical operations

Aviation chemical operations

  • Rotor Ukraine Company provides services for aviation chemical works and monitoring

Aviation chemical operations

Aircrafts of Rotor Ukraine are equipped with special equipment for accurate and efficient spraying of chemical agents. They are also characterized by the availability of highly technological satellite navigation equipment, simple and safe operation.

Benefits of small regional aviation in agriculture:

  • Prompt performance of set tasks
  • Reduced amounts applied
  • Processing within biologically advantageous terms
  • Mobility
  • High productivity (800...1200 ha/day)
  • Works in hard-to-reach places
  • Works in any conditions of soil surface
  • No mechanical damages of plants and soil compaction
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