Aviation center "Rotor Ukraine" was established on the initiative of people in love with the sky, who want to contribute to the development of small aircraft and expanding its use in the public interest and personal needs of citizens.
Aviation monitoring

Aviation monitoring

  • Rotor Ukraine Company provides services for aviation chemical works and monitoring

Aviation monitoring

Monitoring operations are performed using modern aircrafts and the newest navigation and precise positioning means. Our company performs monitoring of Ukrainian roads, specific areas and engineering constructions. Monitoring of foundation and construction facilities settlement processes in construction and operation of bridges, tunnels etc.

Remote methods of information retrieval and processing include:

  • Creation of updated maps and alignment sheets of the entire success ding scale (accuracy 0.1-2 m).
  • Inventory and retrieval of current information in all available types from paper materials to special aerial photography and land survey materials. All data based on existing classifiers, preferably, harmonized with European ones.
  • Systematization of executive survey materials and geological, hydrogeological, ecological survey materials etc.
  • Design of remote monitoring system for roads (precision of measurements starts from first centimeters), data are the basis for prompt design of longitudinal and transversal profiles of roads, to determine wheel tracking of the roads, to accurately define the type and scope of trackway damage, to monitor bridgework, dimensions and other engineering buildings and constructions. To monitor the condition of waysides, draining systems, condition of embankment, excavation, early identification of technology-related events in easement areas (suffusions, krastic phenomena, floods), to collect updated information in emergencies at easement areas.

Technical equipment for aerial monitoring operations

For aerial mentoring, Enstrom 480 helicopters manufactured by Enstrom Helicopter Corporation, DA40, DA42, DA42 MPP airplanes by Diamond Aircraft Industries are used. They are equipped with FLIR, and IGI DigiCam and IGI DigiTerm cameras and equivalent aerial photography equipment

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