Aviation center "Rotor Ukraine" was established on the initiative of people in love with the sky, who want to contribute to the development of small aircraft and expanding its use in the public interest and personal needs of citizens.
Air taxi

Air taxi

  • Anyone can get acquainted with the small aircraft using air taxi service

Air taxi

Air taxi is an alternative means of transport having a set of benefits: time saving, ability to schedule the flight at any time (in the airport’s operational hours), minimal term for flight arrangement and pre-flight passenger servicing, minimal passenger safety risk, flight with friends, relatives and partners.

Diamond DA-42, DA-40

  1. Arrangement of 1.5-2 hour route grid
  2. Flight on individual customer’s route
  3. Sightseeing flights

Enstron 480-B

  1. Flight on individual customer’s route
  2. Sightseeing flights
  3. Flights on yacht owner’s order

Vip terminal

Passengers wishing to receive maximally comfortable and convenient services are offered with VIP terminal, which is a completely refurbished air terminal building – an exclusive complex of ХХ century’s Stalin era architectural style.

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